Saturday, 7 November 2009

No2Genocide (2)

03 Nov 09, 10:51am
·         Israel is a brutal occupier involved in destroying Palestinian lives. Unfortunately, so far the PA showed itself to be a more faithful partner to Israel than the Palestinians.
For example, an Israeli settler, Jack Teitel, who murdered Palestinians in the West Bank, is being investigated by Israeli authorities, not the PA. At the same time the PA is engaged in rigorous investigations of Palestinians suspected of ... struggling against the Israeli occupation.
It is claimed Jack Teitel started his career of [serial?] murderer as an American tourist in the West Bank. He seems to like it so much he decided to stay... As other Israeli murderers he was not stopped while his victims were only Palestinians. Then he started attacking Israeli Jews, so eventually he might now face prison.
Police said two Palestinians, a shepherd and a taxi driver, were among his victims, killed more than a decade ago when he was in Israel as a tourist.
Source the Guardian of 2 November 2009, "American-Israeli settler questioned over terror attacks"
Teitel had already confessed in June 1997 to killing 2 Palestinians, yet he was released by the Israeli authorities! He admitted he came to Israel to murder Palestinians. Despite this he was released and in 2003 was formally notified that the Police had dropped their investigation!
Teitel has said that in June 1997 he killed an Arab taxi driver and a Palestinian shepherd. Two months later, the Shin Bet security service arrested him; he said during his investigation that he came to Israel precisely to carry out attacks against Palestinians, in revenge for suicide bombings.
Source "From Dentist's Son to Jewish Terrorist"
While the PA has no role in the arrest of the Israeli settler, Jack Teitel , the PA is involved in numerous arrests of Palestinians. The PA torture of Palestinians has become so widespread, it no longer could be sidelined to human rights reports. In fact the UK government had to acknowledge its trained Palestinians forces are engaged in torture.
The Government is sending British police and intelligence officers to the West Bank to try to stop a wave of brutal torture by Palestinian security forces funded by UK taxpayers.
Source Daily Mail of 25th October 2009 "British police and intelligence officers sent to tackle UK-funded torturers on West Bank"

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