Sunday, 28 February 2010

Murdoch's hunger for power is a looming threat to democracy

28 Feb 2010, 4:33AM

let us be quite clear that Murdoch's primary interest is commercial

Judging by Fox News and Rupert Murdoch statements, his political agenda cannot be ignored.
For example, Rupert Murdoch's political agenda regarding Israel, as been evidence, such as his statement on Receiving AJC National Human Relations Award, March 4, 2009 [see], in which not once the Israeli violation of Palestinians were mentioned, though it was only a few weeks after the Israeli slaughter of Gaza.
Similarly, the Rupert Murdoch owned Australian led the charge in defending Israel?s war crimes. After the October 19 UN Human Rights Council vote endorsing the Goldstone report, the Australian editorial on October 21 called the vote ?A poisonous outcome? [see].
The danger of Rupert Murdoch's commercial interests are compounded by his political agenda.

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Friday, 19 February 2010

This is no ripping yarn, but a murder to fan more conflict

From Haim Brasheeth

 An Excellent article, Mr. Milne!

The poisonous eddies radiating outward from Israel after the Dubai murder, seem to further prove the sea-change, after the Gaza carnage. Israeli brutalities, illegalities and continued oppression of the Palestinians, accepted for so long as some god-given right, or a strange kind of natural disaster, one to be regretted but always overlooked, are now no longer seen as such, but as the Israeli-made disaster of cogent, if brutal colonial policies in Jerusalem, broadly accepted and backed in Israel by a docile and divided polity, which has lost its human compass. Without any prophetic skills, one can foresee the continued decline in support for this racist, immoral and increasingly illogical brutal regime of occupation, across the globe, and an environment in which every ?success? of the Israeli military machine is indeed a deep and radiating failure, another faultline in the thin ice on which Israel has been skating for so long.

The fact that civil society in Israel - the political parties, the media, academia, the arts and professions ? are still very strongly in support of whatever their government is concocting, is indeed a mark of the deep sickness of the Israeli polity. While is reminds one of South African whites a the height of apartheid, it is obviously much more far-reaching and its implications are far wider than those of apartheid. While apartheid south Africa was behind much of African in-fighting during some decades, the apartheid policy was never hellbent on expelling the black population; it was content to oppress and exploit them. The Zionist colonising agenda is a completely different one, a more extreme and finite approach. It would be unfortunately correct to point out that the Jewish population of Israel, and most Jews elsewhere, have bought into this toxic mix of racism and nationalism, peppered as it is with religious fundamentalism to boot. This was also either overlooked or even embraced by other countries, as their elite saw in Israel a bulwark against sprawling Islam, in a typical, orientalist mindset. There are now serious signs that this whole edifice is crumbling.
The important variant on South Africa is the global field in which Israel is batting, being a bridesmaid of entrenched conflicts, and the catalyst of western military intervention just about everywhere; Iran is just one example where the war prepared against a country which MAY in the future have nuclear weapons, is whipped into frenzy by a country that has had them for decades. Will the western nations continue to follow Israeli dogma like lemmings?