Saturday, 7 November 2009

David Hanson and Shahid Malik want us to believe the Prevent programme is in our interest.

With great sadness and at times with complete horror, I have been watching the drastic changes in the UK. As an Israeli I recognise the use of fear to exclude communities and to tamper with civil liberties.
There have been quite a few admissions by British officials that they have adopted Israeli methods. The latest I read was last week [on 29 Oct 09], that Former British Army Colonel, Richard Kemp, had implemented the Israeli "anti terrorist" methods in the British army doctrine [sorry, cannot quote precisely, as it was in Hebrew, in the Israeli paper, Haaretz].
We get further insight into Col. Kemps views in his defence of the Israeli onslaught on Gaza, when he denied that Israel committed war crimes in Gaza [see the Statement he delivered October 16, 2009, to the UN Human Rights Council Special Session on Goldstone]. For example, his claim that Hamas used civilians as human shield is in contrast to Goldstone findings. Incidentally, Kemps claim conforms with the Israeli propaganda. In fact, the Goldstone Report finding was that Israel used civilians as human shields ...
Meanwhile, Israel is increasingly successful in also affecting the freedom of the British Press. The latest in this very sad saga was published in another Israeli media, Ynetnews, on 30 Oct 09. In the presence of Israeli Ambassador in London, the plan discussed was:

Every journalist who refers to us as war criminals or child killers needs to know that the next day his newspaper will be slapped with a million pound lawsuit on behalf of the State of Israel.
Newspapers dont like lawsuits, I said. It takes time, it costs money, the papers insurance company raises their premium, stockholders are wondering why they got into this mess to begin with, and the editor in chief is infuriated after he discovers that he needs to waste two days on testifying in respect to an article that he didnt even read.
In this respect the Guardian was mentioned...

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