Saturday, 7 November 2009

Alan Johnson sacking David Nutt

31 Oct 09, 12:39am
Every person courageous to state inconvenient truth is inspiring. I dare say that had we had courageous people like Professor David Nutt we might have never attacked Iraq on false claims of 45 minutes and non-existence Weapons of Mass Destruction.
This week inconvenient truth was published in the Israeli paper, the Jerusalem Post:
We're fighting off the world with the Holocaust; witness Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu at the UN with his Auschwitz props. "We won't go like lambs to the slaughter again," vowed his protégé, Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz, in a cabinet discussion of the Goldstone report.
This is what we tell ourselves and the world, and, in the face of what we did and are still doing in Gaza, it has become intolerable. We are not the 6 million. The 6 million were powerless Jews three generations ago; we cannot wrap our abuses of power in their tragedy.


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